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How to Register Online

Your academic adviser will provide you with your Alternate PIN to access the registration system. Once you have met with your adviser and gotten your PIN, you can find instructions HERE for the online registration module. Please note: the Registrar's Office doesnot issue alternate PINs to students.

You can view your registration time ticket in Banner. If you are not sure how find your time ticket, click HERE for instructions.

Any permissions (to override closed courses or prerequisites) are done by the primary instructor of the course. Please contact the instructors of the classes directly to have them give permission for you to enroll in their class. Make sure you ask them for the appropriate override. There are several kinds of overrides available.

Who should do your override? Check out this table fora quick reference:

PREQ AND TEST SCORE (Prerequisite Error)X
COREQ (Corequisite Error)X*
CLASS RESTRICTION (Example:Juniors taking classes restricted to students with Senior standing)X
LINK ERROR* (see explanation, below)
LEVELERROR (undergraduates registering for graduate-level course)X

A corequisite is where you are required to take two courses in the same semester. If you try to register for a course that has a corequisite but either leave off the corequisite OR there is a problem with the corequisite (it's closed, you need a prerequisite, etc.), you will get a coreq error. Banner is looking for the second course. If you are not going to take the second course in this term, the primary instructor must do a corequisite override.

A linked course is a course that is comprised of several components (lecture/lab or lecture/lab/clinical). You must register for all components in one transaction, or you will get a LINK error. This cannot be overridden.

**: These overrides are done in the Registrar's Office, but you will need to register on a traditional paper registration card with your adviser's signature AND the approval of the program director or Dean - check with the Registrar's Office to see whose approvals you need to procure.

NOTE: "Permission of Instructor" overrides are specific to courses that require instructor permission. It is NOT a cure-all override.

Ineed my PIN

The Office of the Registrar is not permitted to issue PINs. You must contact your academic adviser for your PIN. All students have an adviser. If you are unable to contact your adviser, you must contact your Academic School Office.

If you have lost your PIN, but have previously used it, you may contact the Registrar's Office. We will confirm that you have used it, and then will give it to you.

In-Person Registration

There are only a few instances where you will have to register in person:

  1. Independent Study
  2. Internships
  3. Student Assistantships
  4. Tutorials
  5. Study Abroad (through Utica or Syracuse)
  6. "Class Restriction" error code (These are courses that, for example, are reserved for seniors. You would get a "class restriction" error if you do not have at least senior status in Banner.)
  7. "Program Restriction" error code

To register in person, you will need to get a registration card from your School office (or adviser), have your adviser and/or the instructor of the course sign the card and submit it in the Registrar's Office for processing. All other registration is to be done online.

Pass/Fail Option

To place a course on pass/fail, you must come to the Registrar's office, fill out the appropriate form, have your adviser sign it, and submit it to the Registrar's office for processing before the deadline. (Click HERE for academic deadlines for on-campus classes and click HEREfor academic deadlines for online classes.)

The only classes that can be taken pass/fail are electives.

If the course is being taken to satisfy any requirement (major, major-related, concentration, minor, etc), it cannot be placed on pass/fail.

Freshmen cannot take classes in pass/fail mode.


  1. Log in to Banner Web.
  2. Click on the "Student Services and Financial Aid" tab.
  3. Click on "Student Records"
  4. Click on "View Student Information"
  5. Your adviser is listed. If you need contact information, you can search for his/her contact information and office location on our web site. Click here to search the faculty directory.


  1. Log in to your BannerWeb account
  2. Click on "Enter Secure Area"
  3. Click on “Student and Financial Aid”
  4. Click on “Registration”
  5. Click on “Active Registration”


  1. Click on the number of credits. This will bring you to another window.
  2. Enter the number of creditsfor which you wish to register.
  3. Click the "Submit changes" button.
  4. Click the "Add or Drop Classes" link at the bottom of the page.

If you want to see screen shots and step-by-step instructions, CLICK HERE.


Corequisites are two courses that must be taken in the same semester. To register for corequisites, you must enter BOTH CRNs and click "Submit Changes" once (in one transaction). If one class is full, you will be blocked from the corequisite, as well.

Linked courses are courses that are comprised of multiple components (like lecture/lab or lecture/lab/clinical). If you try to register for the lecture, but leave off the lab, you will get a link error.


Closed courses can only be overridden by the primary instructor of a course. You must contact that instructor and request a closed-course override.

IF you request an override of a corequisite, a prerequisite, or a closed course andthe instructor grants your request, they will enterthe overridefrom their Banner account. This override is specific to your ID# and cannot be used by another student. At this point, you must register for the class via your Banner account.

Once the instructor does your override, click here for instructions on how to register for the class.

NOTE: it is imperative that you tell the instructor exactly what kind of error you are getting, so s/he can enter the correct override.

How do I know if my instructor did my override?

  1. Log in to your BannerWeb account
  2. Click on "Enter Secure Area"
  3. Click on “Student and Financial Aid”
  4. Click on “Registration”
  5. Click on "Registration Status"
  6. Choose a term
  7. This screen will tell you when you have access to the registration system, whether or not you have any holds, and all overrides that have been done for you.

Where / When to Register on Campus

There are two offices on campus who perform registration for classes: the Registrar's Office and Online and Extended Studies. There are several methods of registration, depending on what type of student you are and what session/term you are planning to attend.

  • Independent Study, Tutorials and Internships generally require specialized paperwork that is available from your Academic School office and requires several faculty signatures before the Registrar's Office can process your registration.
  • Tuition for Independent Study, Tutorials and Internships is charged at the "Day" rate, regardless of the term for which the student is registered. Contact Student Financial Services for information about rates.


Method of Registration

Whom to Contact
Spring - On-ground Students
Spring - Online Students
Online and Extended Studies
Summer - On-ground Students
Summer - Online Students
Online and Extended Studies
Fall - On-ground Students
Fall- Online Students
Online and Extended Studies
Non-matriculated students (any term)PaperRegistrar
Senior Citizen Audit ProgramPaperRegistrar
Independent Study (any term)Paper*Registrar
Tutorials (any term)Paper*Registrar
Internships (any term)Paper*Registrar
Student Teaching (any term)OnlineRegistrar

Contact Us

Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

(315) 792-3195

Registration | Utica University (2024)
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