How To Max Damage on Staff Multitool S Class in No Man's Sky (2024)

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By maximizing the damage output of their Staff Multitool S Class, players can enjoy various benefits in No Man's Sky and here's a guide for the same.

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How To Max Damage on Staff Multitool S Class in No Man's Sky (1)

InNo Man's Sky, you will run into various multi-tool devices that can be used for mining, scanning, combat, and other functions. The Staff Multitool is one such multi-tool in the game that has the highest damage bonus, tied with sentinel multitools. Players need to contact the Autophage to obtain the Staff Multitool, who can be reached by triggering the "They Who Returned" mission.

Once they obtain it, the next step is to maximize its damage to get the most out of it. If you're struggling to do it, here's a guide to maximizing the damage output of their Staff Multitool S Class in No Man's Sky.

How To Maximize Damage on Staff Multitool S Class in No Man's Sky

Follow these steps to unlock the maximum damage on Staff Multitool S Class in No Man's Sky:

Step 1: Unlock the Anomaly

To unlock the Anomaly in No Man's Sky, players need to follow the main quests until they receive a message from Nada, who summons them to the Space Anomaly

Step 2: Visit the Anomaly and Research Upgrade Room

Players can summon the Anomaly at any time, in any system, except on planets or during combat, by opening the quick menu (down arrow key on console) and selecting "summon space anomaly". Once the Anomaly has been summoned, players can enter it and explore it to their heart's content.

Step 3: Choose Neutron Cannon Weapon

In the Research Upgrade Room, you will find various upgrade options for the Multitool. We recommend choosing the Neutron Cannon weapon, so make sure you have the Neutron Cannon unlocked.

Step 4: Unlock the P Field for Neutron Cannon

The P Field Compressor is an upgrade that can be installed on the Neutron Cannon to increase its damage output. Players can obtain the P Field Compressor blueprint from the Multi-Tool Upgrades vendor in The Anomaly.

Step 5: Find S-Class Neutron Cannon Upgrade

The Multi-Tool Upgrades vendor in The Anomaly offers a variety of upgrades, including S-Class Neutron Cannon modules. Players can regularly check the vendor's inventory to see if an S-Class Neutron Cannon upgrade is available.

Step 6: Buy 20-30 Neutron Cannon Upgrades

To maximize the damage, you will need to buy a significant number of the same upgrade modules. We suggest acquiring between 20 to 30 of these modules, or more if necessary, to get the best stats.

Step 7: Install Neutron Cannon Upgrades and add P Field

Install the Neutron Cannon upgrade modules into any empty slots on your Multitool. Then, install the P Field upgrade specifically for the Neutron Cannon in any empty slot.

Step 8: Check for Optimal Stats

After installing three S-Class Neutron Cannon upgrade modules, check their stats. You are looking for the following:

  • Charging Speed: 50 (max)
  • Damage: 13-14
  • Ion Sphere Speed: 12-13

Select the best three modules that meet these criteria.

Step 9: Assemble the Upgrades

Delete the other upgrade modules you don't need, and place the selected three S-Class Neutron Cannon upgrade modules into the three supercharged slots on your Multitool.

Step 10: Enjoy the High Damage Output

Your Staff Multitool should now have a significantly increased damage output, i.e. over 150,000. This setup turns the Neutron Cannon into a powerful weapon.

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How To Max Damage on Staff Multitool S Class in No Man's Sky (2024)


What is the max multi-tool in no man's sky? ›

Players may own up to six Multi-Tools, and can switch the active Multi-Tool via the Quick Menu in the Utilities section. Owned Multi-Tools may be traded in to offset the purchase price of a different one.

How to get Voltaic staff? ›

Obtaining. A Voltaic Staff can be built at an Autophage Synthesis terminal using three staff parts, a Head, a Core and a Pole. These parts can be obtained either by doing the first few Autophage questlines for some part recipes or by buying staff parts using void motes at an Autophage Synthesis terminal.

How do you get an S Tier multi-tool in NMS? ›

If you are looking for the S-class multitool, your best bet at finding them would be on “rich” planets. To be able to detect these planets, you will have to get at least an Economic Scanner. The blueprint for this item can be bought at a very cheap price from the Starship Merchant, who can be found at the Anomaly.

What is the most damage weapon in NMS? ›

The Blaze Javelin is considered the most powerful multi-tool weapon in the game, functioning as a sniper rifle that deals significant damage at long distances.

How to get a royal multitool nms? ›

Royal Multi-tools start off with good damage and scanner bonuses. They are a rare and expensive specialization, currently can only be obtained from Sentinel Pillars, and they can have between 11 and 14 slots, most of them are damaged.

How to get autophage staff? ›

To build a staff in No Man's Sky, you must first contact the Autophage, who can be reached by triggering the "They Who Returned" mission. The They Who Returned quest line cannot be accessed unless you have completed the main quest line (The Purge), the Trace of Metal quest line, and discovered a harmonic camp.

How to get sentinel multitool? ›

Sentinel Multi-tools have a high damage bonus, a medium mining bonus, and a medium scanner bonus. They are a rare specialisation, can only be obtained from Harmonic Camps in dissonant systems for free, but with many slots damaged.

Is S class the best in NMS? ›

Summary. All multi-tools and starships have a class, which decides the number of slots and the bonus multiplier they get (C being the worst and S being the best).

What is the best type of multi-tool in no man's sky? ›

Multi-tool classes were added with Update 1.20. Class S is the most powerful, followed by classes A, B, and C.

What is the damage potential of No Man's Sky? ›

Damage Potential displays the Multi-tool's damage output, equal to the damage output of its most effective weapon. The white bar reflects the base damage output of the most effective weapon plus bonuses from its upgrades.

What is the best ship for damage in no man's sky? ›

Fighter - High Damage Bonus

These ships are the mascot ships of No Man's Sky and are also the primary starships of pirates across the galaxy. They also have high Maneuverability, making them outstanding in dogfights. These ships are more commonly found in Vy'keen systems.

What is the best combat weapon in no man's sky? ›

1 Cyclotron Ballista

Ideal for more experienced players of No Man's Sky, the Cyclotron Ballista is one of the more powerful weapons in the game. Great for both long and short-range combat scenarios, the Cyclotron Ballista offers very high damage output, with only the Rocket Launcher offering more.

What is the best weapon for walkers in no mans sky? ›

Once a player has developed a decent skill level with the plasma launcher, it is an exceptionally effective tool against the walker.

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