Grab launches its latest transportation service Advance Booking (2024)

Grab launches its latest transportation service Advance Booking (1)

Hitting the road whether for leisure travel across the Philippines or sealing business deals overseas can be a daunting endeavor. The pre-travel stress between the epic suitcase shuffle and the documents paranoia can be too much to handle – and this is even without considering the challenge of getting to the airport on time or arranging transportation.

Understanding this dilemma, Grab – the partner of every Filipino for safe, convenient, and reliable mobility –launches its latest transportation service Advance Booking.GrabAdvance Booking guarantees on-time rides to the airport via the GrabAirport fleet, ticking off yet another item on the travelers’ checklist.

Grab launches its latest transportation service Advance Booking (2)

Grab Philippines Head of Mobility EJ Dela Vega shares, “Having served the Philippines for over a decade, we at Grab have deepened our understanding of the distinct needs of our Filipino passengers. One such need that stands out is their requirement for reliable airport transportation. Recognizing this, we are enhancing the experience of airport rides on Grab with the launch of Advance Booking. Our new Grab Advance Booking product goes beyond offering mere airport transfers – it provides travelers the peace of mind they deserve. This new service has been engineered to have guaranteed on-time rides every time, enabling every Filipino traveler to leave their homes with the confidence they'll have a ride to make their flight on time.”

Grab Advance Booking: Guaranteed On-Time Rides, Every Time

The worries about catching a flight in the wee hours of the morning or during the peak of the metro bustle are a thing of the past with Grab Advance Booking. This new Grab mobility service touts guaranteed rides every time.

Plan as early as 7 Days ahead:With Grab's Advance Booking feature, passengers can effortlessly plan their journeys well in advance. The reservation window is flexible, allowing bookings to be made as early as seven days or as late as two hours before the scheduled ride.

Stay Stress-free with On-Time Pick-up Assurance:The Grab Advance Booking driver-partners are guaranteed to be on time. In instances of service disruption, the Grab platform swiftly and seamlessly reassigns the ride to an alternative driver-partner, ensuring a successful completion of the trip for the passenger. To ensure fairness, a Php-100 courtesy credit will be offered to passengers if the driver arrives late for a pre-scheduled ride.

No need to panic with extended wait time:Further enhancing passenger convenience, a 15-minute grace period is implemented for Advance Booking rides. This allows drivers to accommodate minor delays, while passengers encountering unforeseen circ*mstances have additional time to reach the pick-up location.

Booking in a Breeze

Accessing Grab Advance Booking is a walk in the park. Passengers can select“Advance Booking” under the Grab transport page. They can then enter the date and time of their ride, along with their pick-up location and the specific airport terminal for drop-off.

Advance Booking passengers will also be receiving regular updates and reminders about the status of their ride leading to the scheduled pick-up time. 45 minutes prior to the scheduled trip, passengers can already chat and check in with their assigned driver in-app.

Grab launches its latest transportation service Advance Booking (3)

As safety and convenience remain paramount for Grab, Advance Booking rides can only accommodate a maximum of three passengers with three pieces of luggage.

Safeguarding our Driver-Partners

Grab has also implemented protective measures to safeguard the income of the dedicated fleet for Advance Booking. These measures are designed to mitigate the impact of last-minute cancellations by passengers, specifically those made less than an hour before the scheduled pick-up time. During such cancellations, the passenger will be charged the full fare of the ride. The same policy applies when a passenger is unreachable or hasn't arrived 15 minutes past the scheduled time.

However, there will be no charge for any passenger cancellation done at least one hour before the scheduled pick-up time,

A worry-free airport transfer

The Grab Advance Booking eases the overall experience of leisure and business travelers going to the airport, allowing them to relax as they begin their trip. This new service from Grab is currently exclusive to trips going to Metro Manila airports via its GrabAirport fleet, which was launched last year in conjunction with the MIAA. Its availability in cities and regions outside of the National Capital Region is expected to transpire in the second half of 2024.

For more information on Grab Advance Booking, passengers may visit the GrabHelp Center.

Grab launches its latest transportation service Advance Booking (2024)
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