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Support your practice’s entire clinical workflow and control how you deliver care with Tebra’s cloud-based, ONC-certified electronic health record (EHR).

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Care Delivery

Electronic health records are just part of Tebra’s all-in-one solution

Electronic health records

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Empower your practice to deliver better care with Tebra’s EHR

Tebra’s EHR is modern, cloud-based, and ONC-certified with integrated billing, telehealth, and eRx- and eLab-ordering workflows — giving your
staff everything they need to provide exceptional care across the entire patient journey.

Built for your needs as a provider

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Organize patient charting

Easily create notes for over a dozen note types, templates, and text shortcuts, all configurable to your specialty.

Electronic health records (4)

Boost accuracy with ePrescribing

Simplify prescription orders, reduce errors, and improve safety from an expansive database of medications and durable medical equipment — with easy enrollment and no additional fees. We also provide EPCS (electronic prescribing for controlled substances) enrollment for providers who send controlled substances, and prescription drug monitoring program integration in all required states.

Electronic health records (5)

Improve efficiency with eLabs

Submit labs electronically, easily assign labs and study orders, and save frequently used results.

Electronic health records (6)

Create digital superbills

View your frequent codes, make notes and comments, track status, and send superbills in just a few clicks.

Electronic health records (7)

Access on the go with the mobile app

Manage your practice on the go and stay connected to its most critical needs, right from your smartphone or tablet.

Electronic health records (8)

Deliver care anywhere

Create high-quality video visits, group appointments, dedicated provider URLs, virtual waiting rooms, and custom patient communications with HIPAA- and HITRUST-certified telehealth.

Experience Tebra’s complete operating system

See how electronic health records and other solutions within Tebra’s all-in-one platform can help your practice thrive.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I choose Tebra’s EHR over another EHR?

    Tebra’s EHR is built just for independent practices and was designed by healthcare providers, so it has the key features you want and is surprisingly easy to use. Write a note, prescribe a medication, view electronic medical records, and create a superbill in just minutes. Plus, we offer full customer service and training support free of charge.

  • How does the integration between Clinical and Billing work?

    We write patient records, insurance information, and appointments to the same database so you’re always in sync. We seamlessly push superbills from Clinical to Billing and automatically scrub your claims to improve the success of your billing process. According to MGMA, using integrated technology like Tebra can improve your overall revenue by nearly 10%.

  • Will my local pharmacy be listed in the EHR?

    We electronically prescribe to over 50,000 pharmacies across the United States by partnering with SureScripts. As a very small number of local pharmacies don’t yet accept electronic prescriptions, you can still print prescriptions for patients if their pharmacy is not listed.

  • Are there specific system requirements to use Tebra’s EHR?

    Our EHR is cloud-based, so all you need is a computer (PC or Mac, laptop or desktop) with an up-to-date web browser (we recommend Firefox or Google Chrome) and a high-speed internet connection.

  • Is Tebra’s EHR certified for meaningful use?

    Yes! It is 2014 Edition certified by the Drummond Group for both Stage 1 and Stage 2. Kareo’s CMS EHR Certification ID is: A014E01NDGFDEAD.

  • Can I write a note on my iPad?

    Of course! Tebra’s note-writing and template system was developed for mobile use. You can use the same note-writing system from the desktop, along with all your personalized templates, which automatically sync to the iPad app. The only difference is that the interface is optimized for touch.

  • Is my data secure?

    Data is securely encrypted, stored, and backed up in the cloud. All your data being sent to and downloaded from our servers is protected with the highest industry-standard encryption. Tebra’s EHR is compliant with all HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.

  • How do I set up my practice and get started?

    When you sign up, we’ll assign you a success coach who will be with you through your entire setup process. They’ll assist you with training and learning to use the EHR, in addition to setting up ePrescribing and eLabs. Our training specialists will help guide you through our training webinars. We’re always available to help you get the most out of your experience with Tebra.

  • What’s the learning curve?

    Customers tell us they find Tebra’s EHR very intuitive with a surprisingly brief learning curve. We try to make it easy! Typically, it takes about 30 days from sign up to being completely set up, trained, and actively using the EHR. However, proactive customers say it can go much faster. We recommend that providers and administrators sign up for a free live training. Your success coach can also provide more details to help speed up your process.

  • How do I get an existing patient and other EHR data into the system?

    Our EHR comes with a built-in, free Demographics Import Tool. To access it, go to Practice Settings -> Data Management -> Import Demographics. Download the CSV template and input all data in the proper format. The tool contains a validation engine to make sure your data looks good before it’s brought in. Our EHR gives you document storage, so you can also upload paper charts, intake forms, or whatever else you may need to store clinical data.

  • What templates do you offer out of the box?

    There are over 200 system templates, including one each of the AAFP’s 100 top primary care reasons for visit, along with 44 mental and behavioral health templates. Our talented clinical staff adds new ones when they see a need and we update them to work well with ICD-10. Finally, you can easily see only the templates applicable to your specialty by filtering our templates in My Settings -> Templates and clicking the “Set Specialty Filter” button.

  • Do you offer customized templates?

    Yes! You can adjust existing templates or create your own with our Template Editor Tool. If you’re not interested in modifying templates on your own, we provide a custom template creation service at an hourly rate. We also have tools to create custom note types, including to modify the note types you use regularly. For more information, contact your success coach or our support team.

  • How do you build a note?

    From the patient’s facesheet, click on “+ Note” in the upper right. It will open a SOAP note by default, which can be updated in My Settings, or you can select another note type (basically a form with sections) by clicking on the down arrow and selecting that note type. Then just click in the different sections and start typing, or use templates or text shortcuts. Add or remove sections if you don’t see what you need right away. It is that easy.

  • How is your note structured? Is it a big template of text?

    Our notes have specific sections for the documentation you are trying to complete with specific templates attached to each section. For example, your note starts with CC (Chief Complaint), Medications, Allergies, Vitals in addition to Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan. Sections can be added or deleted as needed. Medications references Lexicomp for easy medication look-up. We have a one-click normal template for Objective and search for ICD codes by problem description in the assessment section. Finally, you can write prescriptions and find educational material in the plan section.

  • How do I send or receive a referral?

    You can do this electronically right within the EHR. We have a direct messaging feature, powered by Updox, from which you can send and receive referrals as well as receive consults back. We also allow you to eFax summary documents.

  • Do you support electronic lab orders?

    Yes! eLab orders and results retrieval are free for over 40 different labs, including LabCorp and Quest. If you want a different lab connection, we can explore that, though there may be a nominal fee from our partner, LabSoft. Your success coach can help you set this up.

  • Do you support EPCS?

    Yes, we support ePrescribing for controlled substances via our partner DrFirst. There is a separate sign-up process after enrollment with SureScripts and a one-time $75 application fee. Ask your success coach for more details.

  • What are prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) and does Tebra integrate with them?

    Yes! PDMPs are state-created electronic databases that collect, monitor, and analyze pharmacy-submitted prescription and dispensing data. Their goal is to reduce drug abuse and create opportunities for better patient care. Today, 46 states require prescribers to query their state’s PDMP database prior to writing a prescription to gain a better overview of a patient’s drug history — and with Tebra, providers can access PDMP reports directly within their ePrescribing workflow.

  • What are the requirements for PDMP integration?

    The provider must use Tebra’s EHR with EPCS enrollment before adding PDMP integration.

  • How long does it take to set up PDMP integrations? Is it done at the same time as EPCS enrollment?

    Depending on the state, it can take two to four weeks to set up and is done after EPCS enrollment.

  • How much does it cost to set up and use the PDMP integration?

    There is a one-time $500 implementation fee (per practice) and a $50 per provider annual fee.

  • Tebra experience has been exceptional. The EHR is phenomenal; super easy to use and a beautiful format that when compared to others, pertinent information is in less space which is ultimately more cost effective.”

    Marcie Zajac, APRN

    Marcie Zajac APRN

    Kareo and PatientPop are now Tebra

  • It’s so simple, like using an iPhone and that’s important. Because we know how difficult it is to get a doctor’s appointment. We want to be as accessible and flexible for patients as possible.”

    Dr. Supriya Kidambi PharmD, MHA

    ASK Valiant Care

    Kareo and PatientPop are now Tebra


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Electronic health records (2024)
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