All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons Ranked (2024)

The Multi-tool inNo Man’s Sky is your lifeline to soaring through the stars, making money, and surviving in harsh environments. Not only does the Multi-tool allow you to collect resources, but it has many weapons modules to keep you safe while doing so. Below, we rank all of the NMS Multi-tool weapons by their ability to kill things like Sentinels, Abysmal Creatures, and fauna from least effective to most effective.

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We won’t be including certain Multi-tool modules like the Terrain Manipulator, Solar Ray, or Animus Beam because, well, they don’t cause any damage. Instead, we’ll be focusing on the primary attachments that can be used in combat.

We also won’t cover secondary tool modules, like the Combat Scope, Personal Forcefield, or Cloaking Device. While those are useful, they technically aren’t Multi-tool weapons.

Ranking All NMS Multi-tool Weapons

Blaze Javelin

The Blaze Javelin is the best weapon inNo Man’s Sky.Fully charged, it can melt through Sentinel armor and looks amazing while doing it. Keep in mind, however, that the Blaze Javelin has a long charging and cooldown period, as well as a long reload time, making it risky when facing multiple, scattered enemies. Taking down a Sentinel Mech or Sentinel Walker is perfect for this weapon.

Neutron Cannon

The Neutron Cannon shoots energy blasts in a cone that explode on impact. It does less energy damage than the Scatter Blaster, but the additional AoE from the blasts gives it a boost. It doesn’t require Projectile Ammunition, either, freeing up inventory space for other cargo.

Scatter Blaster

Effectively an NMS Shotgun equivalent, the Scatter Blaster fires bullets in a cone, similar to the Neutron Cannon. This weapon is perfect for taking out multiple targets at once, especially Swarms, but getting used to the aiming can take time. If you’re up against a single target, there are better options, like the Blaze Javelin.

Paralysis Mortar

The Paralysis Mortar makes getting rid of Repair and Summoner Sentinel Drones so much easier. Using an EMP pulse, it discharges on impact, stunning all Sentinels in a small area, giving you time to take out pesky drones. Since Drones can heal enemies with low health, the Paralysis Mortar is especially effective against Corrupted Sentinels and Drones with improved abilities.

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The Incinerator is the flamethrower of No Man’s Sky. It’s great for close combat, dealing tons of damage, but less effective if you like to keep your distance — and it’s not always a good idea to get close to Sentinels and other enemies. Effectively, this is a high-risk, high-reward weapon. The Incinerator is not currently available to build as a module, but many Multi-tools found throughout the NMS universe can have it already equipped.

Pulse Spitter

The Pulse Spitter’s high rate of fire makes it great for going up against jumping Sentinel Quads and Corrupted Swarm Quads. It fires three projectiles in rapid succession, letting you hit enemies quickly.

Plasma Launcher

The Plasma Launcher is a Secondary Tool weapon that shoots plasma projectiles at targets to deal explosive damage. It can be fired rapidly, but it only has a small number of charges and uses Unstable Plasma to charge. It’s a good supplement in combat when enemies are grouped together.


The Boltcaster is your basic Multi-tool weapon inNo Man’s Sky. A straightforward, no-nonsense shooter, the Boltcaster offers a fast rate of fire with good accuracy. Fully upgraded, this weapon is good for 1v1 combat throughout NMS, though it can take a while to get through Sentinel armor with it, and using it against larger enemies isn’t advised.

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Geology Cannon

A more destructive version of the Terrain Manipulator, the Geology Cannon launches exploding charges that can actually cause damage. Direct hits inflict the most damage, but the Geology Cannon can also cause splash damage if a charge hits near a target. This Multi-tool weapon is great for wide, area-of-effect attacks against multiple targets in a pinch.

Mining Beam

The Mining Beam can be used as a weapon in emergencies or before you’ve installed other weapons on your Multi-tool. It does a little damage, especially when fully upgraded with S-tier modules, but even then, it’s a paltry substitute for other entries in this list.

While you may be able to defend yourself against one creature, a swarm of Sentinels will most likely kill you if you’re only using the Mining Beam.

Those are all the Multi-tool Weapons inNo Man’s Sky ranked for combat effectiveness. For more, check out ourNo Man’s Sky guides page.

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All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons Ranked (2024)


All No Man's Sky Multi-Tool Weapons Ranked? ›

Here we get to the business end of the best weapons in No Man's Sky, and for many the Scatter Blaster is the most 'old faithful' of all. Essentially a combat shotgun, it's almost unparalleled at dealing with Sentinels when fully upgraded, and will easily one-shot those awful Biological Horrors.

What is the best weapon to fight sentinels in no man's sky? ›

Here we get to the business end of the best weapons in No Man's Sky, and for many the Scatter Blaster is the most 'old faithful' of all. Essentially a combat shotgun, it's almost unparalleled at dealing with Sentinels when fully upgraded, and will easily one-shot those awful Biological Horrors.

What is the max multi-tool in no man's sky? ›

Players may own up to six Multi-Tools, and can switch the active Multi-Tool via the Quick Menu in the Utilities section. Owned Multi-Tools may be traded in to offset the purchase price of a different one.

Are there weapons in No Man's Sky? ›

There are a variety of beams and projectiles which the Multi-tool can emit. They are often called "weapons". Only one weapon may be selected for use at a time.

How to get a royal multitool nms? ›

Royal Multi-tools start off with good damage and scanner bonuses. They are a rare and expensive specialization, currently can only be obtained from Sentinel Pillars, and they can have between 11 and 14 slots, most of them are damaged.

Is the giant crusher the best strength weapon? ›

The Giant-Crusher remains one of the best strength-scaling weapons in Elden Ring post patches and is capable of an impressive damage output. However, it will require a steep starting requirement in Strength to wield properly.

What is the best tool weapon in no man's sky? ›

Multi-tool trading became a big industry, and as a result, knowing which multi-tools are best is critical information.
  • 8 Geology Cannon. ...
  • 7 Plasma Launcher. ...
  • 6 Paralysis Mortar. ...
  • 5 Boltcaster. ...
  • 4 Pulse Splitter. ...
  • 3 Scatter Blaster. ...
  • 2 Neutron Cannon. ...
  • 1 Blaze Javelin.
Oct 25, 2023

What is the best combat weapon in no man's sky? ›

1 Cyclotron Ballista

Ideal for more experienced players of No Man's Sky, the Cyclotron Ballista is one of the more powerful weapons in the game. Great for both long and short-range combat scenarios, the Cyclotron Ballista offers very high damage output, with only the Rocket Launcher offering more.

Can you destroy a sentinel freighter in no man's sky? ›

Once all turrets and starships are destroyed, you can easily destroy the freighter by just hovering in one spot and shooting at it. Another advanced strategy when engaging is to quickly boost a bit out of range of the Carrier's weapons and engage the fighters quickly.

Is there a 3000 limit in NMS? ›

The game displays a generic "unsuitable location" error message once the limit has been reached. There is also a limit of 16,000 base objects per save and a 3,000 components upload limit per base. Bases which use more than 3,000 parts cannot be uploaded.

What is the best type of multitool nms? ›

Multi-tool classes were added with Update 1.20. Class S is the most powerful, followed by classes A, B, and C.

How to get sentinel multitool? ›

Sentinel Multi-tools have a high damage bonus, a medium mining bonus, and a medium scanner bonus. They are a rare specialisation, can only be obtained from Harmonic Camps in dissonant systems for free, but with many slots damaged.

What is the most valuable craftable item in no man's sky? ›

High End Crafting items (Stasis Device / Fusion Ignitor) can sell for around 16 million units each. You can create these using a variety of items that you can create or win from missions at the Space Station and the Nexus on the Space Anomaly.

How to get the best multitool in No Man's Sky? ›

If you are looking for the S-class multitool, your best bet at finding them would be on “rich” planets. To be able to detect these planets, you will have to get at least an Economic Scanner.

What is the strongest man made weapon? ›

Analysis. The Tsar Bomba is the single most physically powerful device ever deployed on Earth, the most powerful nuclear bomb tested and the largest human-made explosion in history. For comparison, the largest weapon ever produced by the US, the now-decommissioned B41, had a predicted maximum yield of 25 Mt (100 PJ).

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